Connecting you with global talent

Our team has extensive experience with local recruitment and immigration. We combine this expertise with our license to recruit internationally to give you access to the 1.1million foreign workers that North America accepts each year. We can also help your company sponsor international employees which offers them the immigration support they need and earns your company a uniquely exclusive employment relationship with them. Connect with us and discover how we can support your search for greatness.

Your Hiring Needs, Understood

Using tested techniques, we’ll develop a clear understanding of your employment needs, ensuring that no fine details go unnoticed. Our team is dedicated to you, offering one to one support for all clients. Clear communication is a fundamental aspect of our business and is a factor within the recruitment industry that we feel falls under expectation as the industry changes. Rely on us, we’ve got you covered.

Lasting Professional Relationships

We place candidates with confidence. The MyGreat values represent a long-term focus, ensuring that all candidates are placed with the future in mind. Building lasting working relationships is what we do best. We’re accustomed to navigating unique cultural backgrounds with diversity and inclusion considered at the core. We open your workforce to a greater level of representation and further untapped potential.

Make your next move

Submit your contact details to us and we’ll get the conversation started. Whether you know what your goals are or if you’re simply looking to understand your opportunities, you have come to the right place.