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More than just a job search. Three ways that we support job seekers. We believe that every individual has the potential to discover their calling and to make it a lasting part of their future. We can expand your search for the right place to work to include the right place to live.


Discovering what motivates you to get out of bed every morning is our forté. For many people this can seem unclear and remain an unanswered question. We believe in an extensive and comprehensive personal evaluation process, which is both lighthearted and informative. This unique way of working helps us cater to your needs and develop a strong understanding of your compatibility with potential employers. We pride ourselves on bringing a bespoke approach to every individual and client that we work with. Helping all candidates settle into their new environment is another avenue of support that we offer. We do this by connecting you to our extensive network, which consists of previously satisfied candidates that host social events and sponsor sports teams, amongst a range of other vibrant initiatives!


Once we get to know you, our experienced team of international recruiters will guide you step by step through your options. We will explore your preferences and opportunities within our network of highly desired and sought after employers, in the location(s) that you want to be in. Whether your preference is domestic or across the pond, the MyGreat team offers in-depth and international knowledge, paired with partnerships (both local and overseas) that share our vision of helping every individual find their perfect employer. We aspire to offer each candidate lasting happiness in their chosen vocation and live in a place they’re proud to call home, wherever that may be in the world.


Whether it’s your dream location or your dream employer, MyGreat’s network can assist you. Sure, there are other recruiters out there, but we believe in offering true support to each and every candidate that we work with, we know you’re an individual and we treat you that way. We will set you up with the tools to be happy with your new employer long term, whilst giving you everything you need to have a great life outside of work too. Our social network and community driven ventures, paired with our professional partnerships will give you a home and a purpose that works for you. Sign up to find out more!

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